How to listen

Podcasts are like radio shows that you listen to when you like, how you like. I like to download them to my phone and listen during my commute, or while washing the dishes.

There are several ways to listen to Hearsay:

  • On the Hearsay website, just navigate to the episode you’re interested in, and click play on the built-in player.
  • You can subscribe by email using the form at the side of the home page. You’ll get an email the day after each episode is released, with a link to the audio and the full show notes.
  • The Hearsay podcast is hosted by Anchor, and you can listen directly on their website — or use it to send me a voice message.
  • If you use an app (I prefer Pocket Casts) to manage and listen to podcasts, you can use any of these services to access Hearsay